Social Inclusion

IYWC Symposium on Social Inclusion

Wednesday June 26

Our second symposium of 2013 took place in June and focused on the theme of Social Inclusion, the event provided a space for practitioners to hear contributors and their collaborators speak on this topic, looking at the challenges for organisations, individuals and the sector of bringing social inclusion tools and practices into their work and asking the question “what now?”


Delia Clarke, Galway Diocesan Youth Service
Delia will discuss her contribution, 'Tithe na nÓg: Supporting young people to secure and establish sustainable accommodation' and the role of relationships to support social inclusion.


Gerard Hughes, Youth Action Northern Ireland

Gerard will discuss his contribution, 'Young people joining in with the world' and the importance of supporting young people in critical questioning and inquiry.


Susan Menton, St Andrew’s Resource Centre
Susan will discuss her contribution, 'Young people and social inclusion - Where to begin!' and taking a whole organisation approach to the participation of young people.


Deirdre Bermingham, YWI Galway and Anne Walsh NYCI
Deirdre will discuss her contribution, 'Creating A Space, A Youth Service’s Journey to Social Inclusion' while Anne will discuss how to take a whole organisational approach to social inclusion and diversity.



David Carroll, Belong To and Leighann Ryan Culleton, Carlow Regional Youth Service
David will discuss the experience of assisting to establish projects like 'My Unique Identity' and the challenges to social inclusion in the wider youth work sector. Leanne will discuss her article My Unique Individuality.


TJ Hourihan, YMCA Cork
TJ will discuss his contribution, 'Addressing Interculturalism in NEETS - Not in Education, Employment or Training Programme Provision - The STEP Programme' and how a global perspective can inform efforts towards social inclusion.

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