About Us

Youth Work Ireland is a federation of 21 Local Member Youth Services and a national office. We support our members to deliver an Integrated Youth Services Model to young people in their communities. This means that young people around Ireland can avail of a whole range of services and supports if and when they need them.

Our Vision is of a world full of possibilities for all young people

Our beliefs...

We believe in local services led by local people
We believe that we are stronger working together
We always see the best in people
We trust each other
We value people’s opinions
We believe in the positive contribution of youth work
We value the contribution of all volunteers
We believe that we can and do change the world
We value leadership by young people
We value learning
We value voluntary participation
We believe in serious fun

We have an established network of over 150 projects and services and over 300 youth clubs across Ireland. On a weekly basis we actively engage with and support over 116,0600 young people, their families and the local communities. Youth Work Ireland is supported by 6721 trained and Garda Vetted volunteers.

Our Mission is "together with young people we learn tools for life, foster dreams, offer hope and realise our greatest expectations"

Our Integrated Youth Services Model

Youth Work Ireland has designed and implemented a highly innovative approach to youth work. Our Intergrated Services Model is based on international best practice and ensures that volunteers and young people have access to a range of supports and services. Crucially this approach enables the delivery of tailored, targeted supports and responses in the local community and at the same time creating a portal to a range of supports which young people and volunteers can access through their local youth club, café, project or service.

In order to do this we partner with strategic partner organisation with particular expertise, in order to offer young people a comprehensive support package. We are a not-for-profit organisation and are finanically supported by a range of statutory organisations to carry out this work.

Outcomes of our work:

Through our network of clubs, projects, drop in centres, youth information centres, youth cafés, music, arts, citizenship programmes and other outlets, we promote an open, integrated and accessible approach to working with young people. As a Federation of local youth services run by local people, we are uniquely placed to reach young people in their local communities around Ireland.  We work to develop the potential of these young people and to strengthen communities in Ireland through quality youth services.

Young people are at the heart of our organisation and are supported with excellent standards in volunteering, leaders and programme services. Many young people do not have a safe place to go where they can have a sense of belonging, when they can  have a positive relationship with adults and where people believe in them. We offer young people from all backgrounds a place to go, a listening ear and support if it's needed. The services are run by local people and the programmes are run based on the needs of the local community. Positive relationships between young people and adults ensure that young people thrive and are on the road to reaching their potential as well rounded adults.